Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hello from Costa Rica

Here I am again... back in Costa Rica, working quite a lot but it's fun. Although I am thousands of miles away from home it doesn't seem so strange to be here. I am getting to know the people from Nestlé Costa Rica, I am sort of finding my way around and I love the food, it's really tasty.

A friend from the masters I did last year and his girlfriend came to live here last month so I already went out to dinner with them and have planned to spend the weekend with them and either visit the beaches (Pacific o Atlantic I dont know yet! We are just as close from both coasts!) or an active volcano (not the one I visited last time). The weekend seems like fun. I fly back on Monday 5th.

I still owe you the photos from my last visit. Click here to see them.

I´ll try to keep in touch

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Doughnut Thief!!

Krispy Kreme doughnuts has opened on the Central Coast. We bought some on the weekend. I took a photo on my phone to send to my sister and a little hand got in the way while I was taking it. So funny!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another birthday!

So soon! I can't believe it.

Started on Thursday when Stu told me he had to go away with work for the next three days. I wasn't very happy. Anyway, I got over it after I gave him a hard time about it.

Friday morning - Chrissy woke up about 6.30 and came into bed with me. After about 10 minutes she said she needed to go to her bedroom. She came back with presents for me. She is so clever and such a beautiful little girl. Stu was very organised for once. I got a new pillow (which I wanted), some bath stuff from Lush and the Robbie Williams CD (more about this later!!).

I then got lots of Text messages from everyone. Susan and Kellie texted me at the same time. I told Susan I got the CD and she replied 'did you keep the receipt?' I thought that was so funny. Two Robbies!

Chrissy then said we had togo out for coffee. We went over to Westfield for coffee and cake. We were seated at table number 33. How weird! Afterwards I spent the money I got from Stu's parents. I bought some new bathroom scales and then I bought some perfume - i present for me from me.

We got home around lunch. Got Chrissy settled and was just about the start reading a new book (another present for me from me) when Stu called. He was at the train station. So much for 3 days away! It was very nice to see him back though.

Friday night - I had organised to have dinner with Liz and Hannah (our neighbours) as Liz's hubby was also away. Now Stu was back he would have to tag along. We had a lovely dinner and the girls were almost well behaved. After dinner Stu took them to Timezone while we had coffee and more cake!

It was a lovely night and a wonderful birthday.

I get to do it all again next Sunday with my family!! :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Little Britain 2

Here is another photo of me and Susan. And a pic of our 'hotel' room. It was clean but certainly not our style of place. Like staying at your grandmother's. Complete with eccentric owner who decided to play the piano at 8.30am in the morning! I could tell when he hit a wrong note so he musn't have been too good.

I had so much fun with Susan and Brad. It was a great night. My favourite bit was 'fat fighters' and the 'shopkeeper' one.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Little Britain

Susan, Brad, me and Stu went to see Little Britain on Sunday night. Had lots of fun. I had lots to drink as per the photos.