Thursday, June 28, 2007

You're invited...

This is my friend, Lisa, from the Gold Coast. Brad, Callum and I are on holidays with her and her 'lover', Peter.

As you might have guessed, there is a lot of giggling and fun being had.

Stay tuned...or come look at our new blog

Hope you're all well, Susan.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mexico, Part 1

Even though I came back almost 2 weeks ago it's never too late to share with you my trip to Mexico. I must say it was not only great from the holiday point of view but also from a personal side. We had a wonderful time together, we got on really well, we had fun and laughed heaps! Roberto is the easy going type of guy, care free but at the same time he's also thinking a bit ahead of me so he also plans new activities which I always seemed to agree happily (first time ever I could rely on someone else to do the planning, beacause it was all very well planned!).

A part from lying around on the beach and pool we also visted Chichen Itzá, Mayan temples from the 9th Century, where its main temple resembles a pyramid (however it's not). That was quite impressive and we really enjoyed it, plus it could be chosen one of the new seven wonders (BTW, have you voted for Easter Island??!).

We also visited Playa de Carmen a couple of times. It's a little beach town 20 minute drive from our hotel. We went there for dinner and both times we visited a Cuban Salsa club, which was fun because it reminded us on how we met here in Santiago.

After 6 days in Mayan Riviera we flew back to Mexico City and Roberto had planned to visit Taxco, a small colonial town 200 kms south of the capital. Taxco was gorgeous, I loved it. This town was settled next to silver mines so all crafts are silver made. I bought beautiful silver jewelery. We stayed there the night and went back to Mexico City the next day, which was when I had to fly back to Santiago. See photos of Mexico here!

Next steps? Mexico City 6-9 of July. I have to go to Costa Rica and Guatemala again for work, so I am flying to Mexico for 3 days from Guatemala (2 hours).