Thursday, December 27, 2007

Xmas celebration with Felipe

Felipe and I celebrated Christmas early, on the 22nd December, before I left for Newcastle. He was very enthusiastic about his gifts, as you'll see from the photos...

Dad's retirement

In October this year, I spent five fantastic days with Mum and Dad on the beautiful east coast of Tasmania. We were there to celebrate Dad's retirement in style at the Avalon retreat, a private luxury holiday house. Here are some snaps....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Photos of the girls - 2 December

Our annual meeting!

Absentee: Marivi

Monday, December 03, 2007

My happy boy

OK, so since I haven't blogged him for a while, here is Callum. We were at Lollipops and he was having a ball, literally.

Here's another photo of NZ. We were crossing one of the many one-way bridges and thought it amusing that there were train tracks also on the bridge. A bright light caught my attention in the rear-view mirror and it was very exciting to discover a goods train was following us! I started to slow down to see it better and get a photo. Kerrie didn't quite share the same view as me and urged me (with some zest) to GET OFF THE BRIDGE!!! We cacked ourselves for ages afterwards. Just one of a few funny things that happened - remind me to tell you about the parking signs.

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New Zealand

Hiya, just thought I'd share my latest trip. I went to Dunedin, NZ for a conference and then had a few days to travel around the south island of NZ. I had a ball! My friend Kerrie came and was a top navigator. It has rejuvenated me for a very busy lead up to Christmas. When are we going to have a holiday together????

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