Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dessy and Old School Photos

I couldn't find any photos of Dessy but I found some old school photos. I think most of these were taken in Year 8.

Let me know if the names are wrong.

Photo 1 - My parents place
Marivi, Fiona and Nedine.
Susan and my sister in the middle
Kim Duncan, Leigh Duncan, Kimberlie, me and Jodie Duncan.

Photo 2 - Year 8 Medieval Day
Lauren, belinda Thursby, Linda Castle, marivi, unsure, Leigh, Kellie the monk and Melissa.

Photo 3 - Year 8 textiles.

Leigh, Marivi, Tracey, unsure, jean, me, susan, Christie, unsure.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A cup of coffee...

So... long time no see. Yes, there are things that we can email about but not blog about. However the good thing is that either emailing o blogging we are still the same, we love to share our stories, we laugh at what's happening and we can even share some little secrets that we wouldn't just tell anyone.

It's good to know we are still there for one another, even if some of us are "burried". We understand, we know you are there, we just don't like the idea of you missing out on all our fun!

Anyway, thanks for being who you are. That's what makes us great.

So... anyone up for a cup of coffee again?!?