Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chooka's Wedding

As you probably already know, my sister got married to David in May. It was a beautiful day and all went really well. She and my new brother-in-law were very happy and everyone commented on how great it was to see two people so in love and so suited to each other...aaawwwhhh. The ceremony certainly caused me to start the waterworks!

It was a great location at the base of the Watagan mountains, around half an hour out of Newcastle. The ceremony was in a Tuscan-style terrace area and the reception was in the room next to it. There was also accommodation for us there so about twenty of us stayed overnight and had a great BBQ breakfast the next morning. It was great to spend lots of time with the happy couple!


I'm back...with an update

Hi guys,

Well, after being told by J in no uncertain terms that I had to make contact with you guys or else, I felt I must!

Quite a bit has been happening but firstly I'll give you an update on my recent holiday. Late June I spent five days at Gwinganna, which is a 'lifestyle retreat' in the Gold Coast hinterland. Beautiful spot in the mountains, with views out over the coast. I will include some photos for you to check out.

It was a fabulous experience and it's led to me making lots of life changes. I've been eating organically and in a way that means you feel really comfortable after eating, rather than bloated and heavy. So I'm eating lots of wholefoods and have cut out caffeine, chocolate (don't faint), sugar and dairy. Some of these I'll start eating again after a break. There was also lots of exercise like bushwalks, pilates, yoga, gym sessions, tribal dance. It was also a great 'mind' and 'soul' experience. You learnt to listen to your body and be more in-tune with stuff generally. They also emphasised how important it is to take time for yourself and meditate, breath properly and think positively. It is probably the biggest life changing experience I've had. And I've lost a few kgs as well so it was well worth the money!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Offspring

Susan and Callum came over for morning tea on Saturday. A nice morning playing and chatting.

Susan and I now have an unbreakable bond over the poo incident!!

And guess what! I have NOT been sick in over a week. Yey!